If you’re working on a poster, flyer, or greeting card design, an outline font is a great choice for adding titles and headlines that attract attention. In this post, we’re featuring some of the best outline fonts you can use in not only print designs but in digital graphic designs as well.

Unlike most other types of fonts, an outline font is easily recognizable. Just as the name suggests, an outline font features a character design that only consists of outlines without a fill. These fonts are widely used to create attractive titles and headlines. They are also used in logo and stationery designs as well.

This collection includes a mixed collection of outline fonts you can use in various types of professional, decorative, and business graphic designs. Take a look and see if you can find an outline font that suits your project.

VISIA Duo – Geometric Outline Font

Combining an outline font with a regular font will allow you to create a professional design with outline titles and regular body text. This font is the perfect choice for creating such designs. It comes with both an outline version and a regular version of the same font, which are available in bold and italic styles as well.

Playbook – Creative Font Family

If you’re working on a fun and playful design such as a children’s book cover, poster, or any design related to kids, this creative outline font will come in handy. The font comes in outline, fill, and regular styles, allowing you to create attractive titles and headlines for various designs.

Zeuty Font – Modern Vintage Fonts Collection

This collection of fonts comes with 4 different fonts featuring an outline font, script font, regular, and swash. All of the fonts feature modern designs inspired by vintage typography. Being able to choose from more than one design will allow you to use this fonts pack with your various design projects.

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