Want to create a portfolio that wows? Or maybe you just want to freshen up your personal website or blog. We’ve gathered 20 stellar (and cutting-edge) personal website designs to inspire you and help push the envelope when you tackle new projects.

These designs cover a range of professions, design aesthetics, and industries.

So whether you’re a web designer, illustrator, medical professional, or product designer, we’ll have a personal website design to inspire you!


1. Constance Burke

Constance Burke’s website is clean, quirky, visually engaging. Her fashion designs are highlighted by “models” that almost fall into the background with matching color choices and repetition. The navigation is clear and gets you to the right information quickly. The quirky style takes a big chance, but is enough to draw you in from the start.

2. Jillian Hobbs

Jillian Hobbs takes minimalism to the extreme and it is beautiful. When you have something simple to say, this approach can have so much more impact that layers of elements competing for attention. It’s so simple that you are almost forced to click around to learn more.

3. Marcus Eriksson

When your personal website showcases photos, like Marcus Eriksson, give them plenty of space to shine. What’s so interesting about this design is the grid seems broken, but it isn’t one bit bothersome. It actually enhances the visual experience.


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