Whether you’re a blogger looking for the perfect design for your next website or a web designer looking to get inspired for your next project, the process always starts the same way—by exploring designs made by others.

We’re here to make that process easier for you. In this post, we’re featuring a roundup of some of the best and most professional blog designs you can find on the Internet. If you’re working on a new blog layout design, or simply planning on making a new blog, you can start your search for inspiration right here!

We handpicked blogs from 5 popular categories:

Design & Development Blogs

Almost every blog in the design and development niche has beautiful and creative designs. Of all those blogs, these are our favorites.

Smashing Magazine

After its recent revamp, Smashing Magazine design looks absolutely gorgeous. The designers weren’t afraid to use bright and attractive brand colors throughout the blog design.

Sixth Story

Sixth Story’s blog layout offers a great lesson on how to design a perfectly minimalist header section to capture the heart of your brand and business.


Designmodo’s blog layout looks fairly simple at first, but wait until you scroll down. You’ll notice how the layout automatically adjusts itself to fill the screen as soon as the sidebar area ends to take full advantage of the screen space.


Dieline blog uses a very bold design style that’s quite refreshing. Their choice of fonts is also interesting.

Creative Boom

Creative Boom shows off their love for minimalism and creativity with their uneven content layout design.

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