Brand, Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand, Brand, Logo, Visual Identity, Coordinated Image. It is time to shed light on all these terms, which are often confused or used as synonyms (some are), and to explain their meaning.

In this guide, I really want to offer a sort of  “vocabulary” of the main terms used when talking about the identity of a company or a person.

Ready? Ok, let’s do this!

Let’s start with what is perhaps the main term: the brand.

What is a Brand?

“The brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos

The brand is essentially the set of visual, perceptive and emotional elements that are associated with certain companies, organizations, products or people.

One of my favorite examples to understand what a brand is and the importance of a brand is Ferrari.

The moment we think of Ferrari we don’t think of a racing car manufacturing industry. Or rather, not only that! We immediately think of speed, wealth, luxury, and red!

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“Give a child a sheet of paper, colors and ask him to design a car: it will surely make it red.” – Enzo Ferrari

This is the meaning of the brand: the whole of all that is perceived by a given company. And this is precisely why it is so fundamental.

“A business is only as strong as its brand is strong” – Jim Stengel, from his book “Grow”

A strong brand is also recognized among many others. A strong brand is that of which people fall in love, trust or think it is superior to others.

In fact, how a brand is perceived by the public enormously influences the success of the company it represents.

But one important thing is that the brand is NOT just the logo, and using them as synonyms is profoundly wrong.

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