Weatherstack is an exceptional API service that provides accurate weather data for millions of locations around the world. What at first might appear to be a nice-to-have feature for local sites, is in fact an incredible tool that raises your UX to a whole new level, read on to find out how…

weatherstack provides real-time, historical, and even forecast data up to 14 days in advance. Licensed from some of the world’s biggest weather stations and weather data providers, the information provided by weatherstack’s simple to use API gives you an accurate picture of the conditions on the ground, wherever your users access your site from.

Trusted by over 75,000 companies, including many household names, weatherstack delivers its data in JSON format, making it easy to integrate with any site or app, whether you’re using Node, PHP, or any other modern language.

Oh, and did we mention the core features are free?!

What Use is a Weather API?

How useful a weather API is, depends very much on how inventive a designer you are.

OK sure, there are some obvious uses for a weather API: If you’re running a hotel or resort, it’s good manners to let guests know what conditions to expect when they arrive; If you’re the mayor of a small town responsible for a local government site, you might see it as a public service to let citizens know whether they’ll need an umbrella today; If you’re selling sunscreen, it’s an awesome idea to let people know that the sun’s going to be out for the next week, and adding some factor 50 to their cart is a wise choice.

Those are all pretty common uses for weatherstack, but there’s a lot more that can be done with an accurate weather API.

Imagine you’re running an event like a charity bike ride, or an outdoor barbecue, those are activities that are fundamentally altered by the weather, it’s a great idea to let people know in advance what the weather’s going to be like so they can come prepared.

Sell sunglasses when it’s sunny, raincoats when it rains, and snow chains when it snows

Knowing what the weather is going to be like can also be a huge boost for sales teams — enough even to push marginal e-commerce stores into profit. Just because someone is visiting your site to order a waffle iron, doesn’t mean they won’t buy some sunglasses if a sale offer pops up and the weather outside their window’s looking good.

If there are high-winds in the coming week, hardware stores might offer chainsaws and leaf-blowers, marinas could advise members to check their boat at the earliest opportunity, restaurants could contact customers with reservations on the terrace and offer them a table inside instead.

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