German car manufacturer Volkswagen boasts one of the most world’s most recognisable logos. And thanks to some recently shared vintage specifications, we can take a look at the fascinating precision that went into creating it.

With its straightforward, stripped back aesthetic, the Volkswagen logo perfectly reflects the ergonomic elegance that has come to define the brand’s vehicles. It’s a textbook example of our logo design advice in action.

On the face of it, the design might just appear to be the letters ‘VW’ sitting in a circle. But the logo’s composition is so deceptively harmonious that your brain appreciates that it works, perhaps without immediately knowing why.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these vintage specifications for the logo, which have recently ignited an excited conversation on Reddit’s r/Design channel.

It’s simple, precise, and it works

As you can see, the angles and the spacing of the various design elements are all clearly labelled in relation to one another.

But what’s really got people engaged is that these specifications pre-date vector files. Just imagine trying to create something so precise by hand, without the help of logo design tools such as Adobe’s Illustrator CC.

This explains why the specifications were so precise and clear, too. The plans for the VW logo ensure that it will look the same no matter the scale, which helps to keep the Volkswagen brand consistent.

In a time before digital art tools were commonplace this consistency required more clarity to achieve, because you couldn’t just sling over a vector file to a client or agency. Thanks goodness for the best digital art software for making our lives easier.


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