Freelancing is a great life, but it’s not without its challenges. So whether you’re new to freelancing or an old hand, it’s always worth seeking out advice and new ideas. Thankfully there’s a lot of creatives ready and willing to help via online videos, and these seven channels listed here are the cream of the crop.

They’re all presented with honesty and openness, free from jargon and waffle, and most importantly, they’re not trying to sell you anything. Instead, the hosts all genuinely want to share the benefit of their experience, so it’s well worth taking advantage if you’re thinking of making that leap in to freelance life.

01. Best for learning how to make money: Roberto Blake

The title of designer Roberto Blake’s most popular video, “FROM BROKE TO $100K/YEAR… THIS IS HOW I CHANGED MY LIFE”, sounds like it might be low-grade clickbait. But don’t be fooled.

In fact this 27-minute talk by Blake, who’s both head of a digital agency and founder of a creative education platform, features some of the best advice on making money as a freelancer we’ve ever heard.

It’s not shouty, or salesy: instead he explains calmly and rationally the principles behind his own successful career, and how you can follow them yourself.

And this high quality continues throughout all the videos on his YouTube channel, which are strongly focused on the business side of freelancing, covering topics including ‘Why you’re tired all the time, and feeling burnout’, ‘Passive income: how I earn $7,000/mo with affiliate marketing’ and ‘How to find freelance clients step by step.’

02. Best for the nuts and bolts of freelance life: Charli Marie

Want some advice and inspiration on the more nuts and bolts issues of freelance life, such as how to create a home office, what computers to use, and how to design an online store?

Then you should check out this YouTube channel from Charli Marie, a web and graphic designer from New Zealand, currently living in London and working remotely for an email marketing company.

In a friendly and approachable manner, Charli walks you through how she does things and offers tips based on the various challenges she faces from day to day. Topics include ‘Working from home: Life as a remote designer’, ‘Designing my blog’ and ‘My biggest fear as a designer’.

03. Best for business tips: The Skool Rocks

The Skool Rocks is a YouTube channel taking a magazine-like approach towards education for creative entrepreneurs.

Presented by Chris Do, an Emmy award winning director, designer, strategist and educator, and Jose Cabeller, UX design consultant and coach, it tackles a range of topics in a number of ways, including interviews, tips pieces, case studies and more.

What remains consistent, though, is the slickness of the presentation and the usefulness of the advice and analysis. Topics covered include ‘A better way to present to clients’, ‘3 ways to reclaim your creativity and productivity’, and ‘How to get work in ANY city’.

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